Sunday, 15 March 2015

A few powerful words.. moves a pace

Since the kick off event at the Thistle I am pleased to announce we raised a grand total of £1023 for Macmillan Cancer Support which is an amazing start to what is going to be something I suspect as the my predecessor in the Shipping Forecast art world Peter Collier said to be that its likely to take over your life.
An integral part of the project is the contribution of writers and poets.  I am pleased to announce the first 4 contributors to part of the project I would like to call "A FEW POWERFUL WORDS."

The list of so far in no particular order is;
SIMON ARMITAGE CBE -  has allowed me to quote a verse from the poem "The stone beach" under licence.
LIZ LOCHHEAD - Scotland's Makar ( National Poet )
DON PATERSON -  Leading Scottish Poet and academic.
PETER COYLE - Musician and Lyricist

I recently met up with Karen Mathie and Eloise Armstrong from Macmillan Glasgow and Ayrshire to discuss some of the legal/contractual stuff and the general plans for this year and next.  
With 31 areas to travel to travel to and cross I have extended the the lifetime of the project at least to the end of 2016.

I am currently making a nuisance of myself organising the logistics of the first fully organised activity on board the Sailing barge the Thistle which will sail from Maldon in Essex to Ipswich in late April. The next journey currently in the planning stage is a journey to Clew Bay in Co. Mayo Ireland.

The Thistle on her maiden voyage on the Clyde in 1895.  The journey begins upon this beautiful vessel on her journey to the port of Ipswich on April 25th.

More info coming soon....

South Ayrshire coast March 2015