Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Chocolate and Perfume


A journey with a difference, unlike my previous solo journeys this trip was to take me to the small island of Caldey ( Ynys Bŷr in Welsh ) off the the South Pembrokeshire coast.
Lying just over half a mile off the coast of the coastal resort of Tenby the island is considered with one of the holy islands of the UK. A celtic monastery was established in the 6th Century.
The island is now a home to a Cistercian monastery and monks are involved in such diverse delights as fragrances, toiletries, cheese and the visitors favourite chocolate.

The brightly coloured houses of Tenby.

Travelling down from the North Pembrokeshire coast nice and early to avoid the crazy parking in the town of Tenby.  The team Me, my wife Marian and our dog Hector were greeted by beautiful sunshine as we headed towards to the harbour to purchase the tickets to take the boat out to the island.

Landing on Caldey
Caldey Island Monastery 

The island of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of Tenby

Strategically walking past the chocolate shop and past the beautiful black swans we headed to the cliff top location of Caldey's own lighthouse.

The Caldey lighthouse looking out from the South Pembrokeshire coast into the LUNDY coastal region and the north Devon coastline.

Out across the island towards the Pembrokeshire coastline

Still remarkably walking past the chocolate shop and not be tempted by the 'Brother Ted' soft-toys we headed back to the boat for the journey back to Tenby the busy tourist town and dense crowds of a warm August afternoon.

The artist's dog Hector looking to see if any treats are available on the way back.

Looking out across Tenby harbour and its old and new lifeboat stations.

Back on the mainland we could reflect on a calm sea, beautiful weather and a warm Welsh welcome.


Ayrshire Coast September 2018