Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Journeys of the mind

As the writer Mark Twain quipped that the rumours of his death had been exaggerated, so the suspicions by some that the Shipping Forecast had drawn its last salty breath seemed to have been confirmed by the lack of apparent activity in 2019.

2019 admittedly was a time of false starts and failure to put plans in actions for numerous reasons from personal to financial.  If wasn't from want of trying, attempts to defeat those logistical huddles just seem to gel, to bring the kindness of many disparate parties into alignment failed.

The intention was to breathe new life into the project in the spring of 2020

How could we know, or ever imagine that the UK let alone the World would be brought to a standstill by a pandemic which has affected so many lives.

Given that no travel is permitted the project has been put into a kind of stasis until we know how things will pan out.

This leads me to the title of this brief post .. Journeys of the Mind, we can all journey to places old and new in our minds eye while we are locked down. I am privileged to be able to create artwork which by its very nature is a kind of mental escapism.

Tentative plans for European journeys continue and so those journeys of the mind will seek to substitute those physical tangible journeys.  I will pick up the project as soon as we are permitted and rekindle the creative fire that started this project.

Good luck and Keep safe until the next time


West of Scotland

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